Criminal Reform - The Criminon program

What Can You Do?

Get Trained as a Criminon Volunteer and Run Crime Prevention Programs in Your Community

      Criminon International and its chapters will train you to give workshops to youth, adults and concerned citizens on matters concerning the handling of criminality:

  • Restoring pride and self-respect to those who lack self-esteem
  • Communications skills
  • Literacy and tutoring skills
  • How to be an effective mentor

      Armed with these tools, you can initiate crime prevention programs in partnership with other like-minded groups and individuals.

Help Establish a Volunteer Program Inside a Juvenile Facility

      Criminon's vital programs for juvenile offenders help youth change their choices and reform their criminal behavior and actions. Through The Way to Happiness program as well as tutoring and mentoring skills, young offenders turn away from crime and find a productive way of life.

Help Establish a Volunteer Program Inside a Prison to Rehabilitate Long-Term Offenders

      By working with prison officials and program officers, you can help establish a volunteer program within a prison, teaching communication, moral education and literacy skills.

Supervise Extension Courses for Prison Inmates

      A network of volunteers in the United States and Europe review the extension courses sent in each week by inmates. These courses-by-mail teach how to learn, handling the ups and downs of life, personal values and integrity, and ridding oneself of negative influences.

      You can, from your home, become a volunteer who is part of this vital community network.

Who Do You Contact?

Criminon is a secular social betterment program implementing criminal reform methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard to bring about true rehabilitation of criminals. It is a separate and autonomous charitable program that is independent of the Church of Scientology. It is supported by Scientologists.

      For further information about how you can get involved in these programs, contact the nearest Criminon office, listed at the end of this guide, or:

     7060 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 220
     Los Angeles, California 90028
     Phone: (323) 962-2404

Or visit the Criminon Site

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