Handling the Barriers to Education - Learning How to Learn
Applied Scholastics is a secular social betterment program, a separate and autonomous charitable program that is independent of the Church of Scientology. It is supported by Scientologists and others who volunteer their time and talents.

E ffective education is a fundamental of community stability and progress. Yet educational quality has been in general decline throughout the world over the last quarter-century.

      This problem knows no boundaries. According to United States government figures, more than 25 million Americans are illiterate. In France, the literacy skills of one-fifth of the population are at the lowest levels. In the developing world, literacy rates are anxiously monitored, viewed as a primary index of national progress.

      Including unemployment, health care, welfare and incarceration, illiteracy may cost the United States up to $200 billion annually. With Earth’s population predicted to double over the next four decades, no culture can afford to continue to bear such costs.

      For nearly three decades, L. Ron Hubbard’s unique discoveries in the field of education have enabled parents, educators and community groups throughout the world to give students the power to learn – and more importantly, the ability to use what they have learned. This body of work is known by the term “Study Technology.” Whether applied on an individual basis, as part of a community-based effort, or with Applied Scholastics – the secular, social betterment organization that makes L. Ron Hubbard’s educational and study methods available to parents, educators, institutions and community groups, Study Technology gets uniform results.

Rebuild your community through effective education

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