Effective Drug Rehabilitation - The Narconon Program

Graduates of the Narconon program gain a new life, free from the need or desire to ever take drugs again.

      The success of this program led to the establishment of centers outside the prison system. Today, there are 40 Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention centers throughout the world, in Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, England and Italy. Although widely supported by Scientologists--who share Narconon's commitment to drug-free rehabilitation--the independent program is secular and open to people of any creed.

      An essential element of the Narconon program is a unique detoxification program, a procedure L. Ron Hubbard developed to eliminate drug residues from the body. The detoxification regimen includes such elements as exercise, low-heat sauna and precisely administered nutritional supplements.

      “I have seen some amazing results from people who have participated in the Narconon program,” said the former Medical Director of the drug and alcohol unit of a regional hospital in Oklahoma. “A great many of these people have shown dramatic improvement during the sauna phase of the program at a rate much faster than I have noted in any other program I have been associated with. The health of clients is rapidly improved, as evidenced by laboratory test results and my own re-examination of these people.”

      “One morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror,” wrote one Narconon graduate about his life while still on drugs. “That was the first time I had ever seen death and it was me. I was so devastated I collapsed. ... I began searching for rehabilitation centers as my head throbbed with incredible pain. My brother told me of a rehab center that used L. Ron Hubbard’s technology. This was going to be my last shot. I got dressed and went down and told the counselor about my head. I found out within a couple of days that my brain was ready to hemorrhage. Had I gone to another center where it is quite probable I would have been given a drug, I could have died.

      “From that day two and a half years ago, I have never reverted to drugs. L. Ron Hubbard’s technology gave me the tools to use to put me back in control of my life. I love to see the sun come up, people happy and the noise of life in the city. Two and a half years ago, I almost lost my life.”

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