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In conjunction with the Los Angeles Public Works Commission, Scientologists undertook a project to make L. Ron Hubbard Way — the location of several churches of Scientology – one of the most beautiful streets in the city. With the help of city officials and local neighbors that goal was accomplished, a model of the spirit of cooperation and volunteerism.

Environmental Revitalization Projects

“The Johannesburg Child Welfare Society cares for approximately 5,000 abused abandoned and neglected children and their families each month. We would not be able to continue our valuable and vital work with the children were it not for caring people like yourself. Who make it possible to bring joy and hope into the lives of these little ones. On their behalf, I thank you.”

— Director of the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society

      Not everyone can view the side of a graffiti-covered cement building and see it as a potential canvas for artwork which would enhance the community. That view, however, comes naturally to a handful of artists, volunteers and members of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles who for almost 10 years have been using their talents to create murals to beautify the city. Their efforts have earned recognition from city and state government officials, but more importantly have helped to improve the environment by making sections of the city more attractive and enjoyable for everyone in the community.       Whether inside or outside of the city, caring for the environment is an important concern for many Scientologists. Because anything which threatens the survival of the planet upon which we live ultimately endangers everyone, Scientologists organize recycling projects, public park cleanups, highway beautification programs and graffiti "paint outs". Similarly, they plant trees, protect wildlife and campaign to reduce pollution.

      In Spain, Scientologists plant trees in woodland areas destroyed by fire, thus assisting with the reforestation of these damaged areas. South African Scientologists celebrate Earth Day each year with educational campaigns to stress the importance of safeguarding and improving the environment.

      In Australia, Scientologists work with local community organizations to carry out community events as part of the national “Clean Up Australia”.

      The Church of Scientology’s volunteer community service programs and activities are bringing life to communities in nations around the world. By working together toward common goals, we can bring about change.

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