Volunteer Ministers in Action - Helping Where Help is Most Needed

Aiding ambulance drivers in South America

     “I found they were very, very active in community affairs. I also came to find out very quickly that community interaction was all positive. Whatever kind of community betterment or enhancement activity that the Police Department is working on, we always get participation from the Scientologists.” – Police Captain

Teaching study skills in South Africa

     In South Africa, Volunteer Ministers give lectures and classes to children in poverty on the fundamentals of communication and the basics of how to study.

     Volunteer Ministers also work closely with ministers of other denominations. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Volunteer Ministers give sermons at a Baptist church, providing others with an insight into Scientology and its practical principles.

Helping bombing victims in Oklahoma

      Volunteer Ministers are actively helping their communities in many countries. The Church of Scientology has established a 1-800 number (1-800-HELP-4-YU) to provide referrals to Volunteer Ministers.


Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers provide assistance to people from all walks of life, in all manner of circumstances.

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