Resolve Difficulties. Improve Lives.

[Picture]     The Scientology Handbook is a book so practical that anyone can pick it up, read it and apply it to improve conditions in any aspect of life and on any scale. It addresses many topics and provides solutions one can use to help others, whether assisting one child or a whole nation with learning problems; resolving a neighbor’s marital upset; or bringing an end to gang violence or ethnic conflict in the community.

     Available in German, Italian, French, Spanish and English, The Scientology Handbook has been published as 15 separate booklets each of which may be used to immediately educate anyone on a particular subject. The booklets available include:

     To obtain a copy, on-line Click here
     Or write to: Bridge Publications Inc.
4751 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90029

Or Contact the Church of Scientology nearest you.

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