Servicing the Community -Effective Volunteerism

What Can You Do?

Learn to use the tools

      The fundamental tools for effective volunteerism are contained in The Scientology Handbook, or in any of 15 booklets that each cover an individual topic of the handbook – from education to resolving conflicts to helping an injured person. Illustrations and clear guidelines on how to use these techniques make them easily learned by anyone.

Become a volunteer

      Anyone can learn and apply these materials, go out on his own and begin tending to the needs of the community in a volunteer capacity. Or he can become even more effective by joining with other local volunteers. For assistance from a Volunteer Minister, or for booklets and information about effective methods of resolving problems in your community, contact the Community Affairs Director of the Church of Scientology nearest you.

Who Do You contact?

Volunteer Minister Program
International Director
International Hubbard Ecclesiastical
League of Pastors (I HELP)
6331 Hollywood Boulevard
Suite 702,
Los Angeles, California 90028

In the United States:

Outside of the United States:

For more information visit the following sites:
The Volunteer Ministers Program -
Answering the call across the World


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