Servicing the Community - Effective Volunteerism

C ommunities are made of people and the richest resource for community change and growth are the individuals who volunteer their time to social betterment activities.

      The range of skills that volunteers bring to such efforts is as infinite as mankind itself.

      Scientologists who bring their individual expertise to the service of community members are volunteers like no other. They bring more than spirit and intention to the task at hand. They bring a broad range of practical skills with which to remedy conflict or upsets, improve communication, resolve study problems, restore personal integrity, and even handle failure in virtually every aspect of life.

     The Scientology volunteer is armed with fundamental principles -- and workable, proven solutions for their application (virtually all of which can be found in the 870-page book, The Scientology Handbook).

     Many Scientologists have also become Volunteer Ministers for their local Churches of Scientology, providing help and compassion through simple, basic assistance to people in overcoming difficulties they may be having in life. Volunteer Ministers have also assisted in the aftermath of earthquakes, floods, fires and explosions.

      Elsewhere, Volunteer Ministers work quietly to improve their communities. In Australia, Volunteer Ministers tutor aboriginal youth. In South Africa, they lecture on how to improve personal communication and study skills. And in Las Vegas, Nevada, a young girl is assisted to become more honest and ethical in life.

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