Community Solutions

      Many of these programs and activities have been ongoing for more than a quarter of a century. A fundamental element of this longevity is a recognition that helping others is not just a matter of providing assistance in times of urgent need. Real and lasting changes in the community come through empowering individuals to bring effective changes to their own lives and their communities.

      In an essay entitled Volunteer Ministers, L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “Through the application of Scientology, we are taking the only effective steps to arrest and reverse the deterioration of a world where the individual is increasingly beset by economic, political and social forces that seem more and more overwhelming.

      “We have a program by which any person can learn to use basic fundamentals of Scientology to halt this dwindling spiral by helping to relieve his fellows of their sufferings and problems.”

      It is with this in mind that this guide has been created. It provides an overview of the community services that Scientology volunteers are providing throughout the world. It provides the information you need to begin to create any of these programs or activities in your own area. Our guide also includes a full listing of relevant websites and e-mail contacts, in addition to the addresses of Churches of Scientology around the world.

      Scientologists, as part of their religious views, also work to better society through their church and through other charitable programs that operate independently. Historically, Scientologists have supported social betterment programs such as Narconon, Applied Scholastics, The Way to Happiness and Criminon. All utilize the technology of L. Ron Hubbard and routinely produce incredible successes.

      Volunteers, applying Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries and working with people of any religion or creed, together can and do bring life and positive change to our communities. We look forward to further sharing our experience and expertise.

Janet Weiland
Vice President
Church of Scientology International

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