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tep outside the door of your home or office, walk ten blocks in any direction and honestly observe the environment you are living in. Ask yourself: Do I like what I see? Would I let my children walk these streets alone?

      Chances are that no matter what city, town or suburb you live in, there are more than a few things you would like to see changed. It is hard to imagine anyone today who is not affected by one or more of society’s problems.

      Rising drug abuse, failing educational systems and ever-increasing crime rates plague every nation on earth. Skyrocketing divorce rates have made single-parent families common. High standards of morality and personal ethics are the exception, more an ideal of times past than a realistic expectation for the present.

      Unfortunately, the most familiar response to all this is an apathetic shrug. Why should I try to change anything? What difference would it make anyway?

      Are the terrible consequences of such attitudes, whether an act of sudden and senseless violence, or the slow slipping away of a child into a life without purpose, mere facts of life? Or do they reflect a need for new approaches to our social problems?

      For the better part of this century, L. Ron Hubbard conducted research into the mind and spirit. His discoveries provided the basis of the Scientology religion, which has been adopted by millions around the world. They also yielded a unique body of proven, workable tools that can be used by anyone who wants to improve the condition of himself or his fellows.

      Armed with these tools, one can address any of a number of problems – such as how to resolve a child’s study problem, free an addict from drug dependency or assist a friend at a time of loss or injury.

      As a reflection of the Church of Scientology’s broad social mission, individual Scientologists have long donated their time and expertise to church-based and secular community programs, with tangible results. These programs range from drug education and after-school tutoring to “neighborhood watch” anti-crime efforts and disaster relief.

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